(Grades 9-12)

These courses are recommended for students who are already familiar with basic computer science concepts but wish to expand and deepen their knowledge of specific computer science topics.

Creating Games and Simulations in Java

In Creating Games and Simulations in Java, students are introduced to object-oriented programming using an integrated development environment (IDE) and the Java programming language. Using a programming environment geared toward creating games, simulations, and other graphical programs, students create actors that live in worlds and are programmed using Java.

Java is one of the primary programming languages used in academia and industry today. The programming skills and object-oriented concepts learned in this course transfer directly to "real-world" computer programming environments. Students learn object-oriented design and programming fundamentals including the use of classes, object, methods, parameters, and return types. They develop programs using basic Java language features including constructors, instance variables, operators, statements, and control structures. All this is done using an easy-to-use development environment that allows students to create fun, graphical animations, games, and simulations.

This introductory course is intended for students who understand basic computer science concepts but have little-to-no prior programming experience.

Course length: 16 weeks

*** Enrollment CLOSED for the 2012-2013 school year ***

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