Looking for fun and interesting computer science classes?

Bigus Technologies offers online computer programming classes that keep students engaged and tap into their creativity as they learn to program computer animation, games and web pages.

Worried you don't have the background to teach computer science?

For K-8 students, we offer courses with step-by-step lesson plans, student worksheets, and fun programming assignments. If you hit a snag, our instructor is available to help! For high school students, we offer graded, instructor-led courses in our online learning environment that include all course materials, assignments, and tests.

Better than self-study, our online support means your questions are answered quickly by our instructor or through our online community.


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In our K-8 courses, students use their creativity and imagination to design and create digital art, music, stories, animation, and games. Our teaching guides and online support system enable teachers, even those with no computer science background, to help their students develop the logical thinking and problem-solving skills needed in today's digital world. The students may not even realize they're learning computer programming and computer science fundamentals -- they're just having fun as they use their imaginations and create their own unique digital creations!

The courses are designed to be used by teachers and homeschool parents with the support and guidance of a highly qualified computer science instructor.


Our courses introduce high school students to the fundamentals of computer science through programming. Rather than simply using technology, students apply their own creativity and problem-solving skills as they create games, animations, web pages, and virtual worlds. They discover how computers work and how almost everything, from space exploration and energy to video games and health care, depends on computer science. Students use planning, problem solving, analysis, and design skills as they develop their own computer programs. They also explore the limits of computers and the social and ethical implications of technology in today's world.

The courses are offered entirely online and are supported by a highly qualified instructor who is available to answer questions and provide feedback throughout each course. Our courses can be used by homeschooled students, as part of an afterschool enrichment program, or for independent study.