FAQs for High School Parents

  1. Do we need to buy a textbook or special software for the course?
  2. All the course materials are included in our high school courses and can be viewed or downloaded from the course website. All software is also freely available on the Web.

  3. Can we get a refund for a course?
  4. Yes. If you are not happy with one of our high school courses for any reason, we will work with you to resolve any issues you may have. If you decide that you want your money back, simply request a full refund (minus the PayPal processing fees) before the start of the second week of the course.

  5. I don't know much about computers or computer science. How can I tell if my student is doing well or not?
  6. The high school courses are facilitated by a highly qualified instructor who will interact with your student on the course website, give your student feedback, and grade your student's work. All grades are recorded in a gradebook. You can request access to your student's profile information, activity reports, discussion board posts, and gradebook, if you wish to monitor your student's progress. You also can email the instructor at any time.

  7. My student is not in high school yet. Can she take one of your high school courses?
  8. We hate to turn away any student who is interested in computer science, but the courses are designed for high-school students and may not be suitable for younger students. If you feel your student is advanced and could handle a high-school level course, please contact us directly to discuss whether an exception could be made for your student. You may want to consider one of our K-8 courses (coming soon).

FAQs for High School Students

  1. How do I get help in a course?
  2. There are many ways you can get help in a course. During the weekly virtual classroom sessions, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have. You also can email your instructor, join a chat session with your instructor or with other students, set up a one-on-one virtual meeting with your instructor, or post your questions to a discussion board to be answered by your instructor or a fellow student.

  3. What if I can't attend a live, virtual classroom session?
  4. No worries. All virtual classroom sessions are recorded for you to review any time.

  5. What's it like, taking an online course?
  6. It can be a lot of fun because you get to interact with your instructor and with other students. It's nice, too, because you can do most of the activities when it's convenient for you. You need to be fairly comfortable using a computer, though. All your course materials and interactions with others will be online, so you need to know how to type, use a browser, and download and upload files.

  7. Math isn't my favorite subject. Will I need to do a lot of math in a computer science course?
  8. If you decide to get a degree in computer science, you'll be required to take advanced math classes in college. For high school classes, however, very little math is required. If you can follow directions and do simple calculations, you'll do just fine.

  9. Are there any tests?
  10. Yes. Each course includes a midterm and a final exam that will be taken online and graded. There are also self-check quizzes that aren't graded but are a way for you to check how well you understand the course materials.

  11. Do I get a grade for the course?
  12. Yes. Your assignments, exams, and participation all factor into your grade for the course.